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We are a small shop, and as the only grant writer here, it can be difficult to find the time to do the research for new prospects. Research is only... read more
Mary Owen
St. Vincent's HealthCare Foundation

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We are North America’s premier, fully searchable online database of Corporate and Foundation funding opportunities and resources for non-profits and charities.

Funding Resource: A comprehensive, keyword and field searchable database with detailed information and profiles on 25,000 foundations, corporate donors, matching gift programs, in kind donations and government grant makers.

Writing Tools: Step-by-step guide and award-winning templates for the writing of highly professional funding proposals and letters of inquiry.

Client Support: Assists clients with product training and provides advice and direction for maximizing usage of the BIG Online database.

Director Connections : Now discover all director connections between North American Corporations and Foundations

Director Connections is a revolutionary relationship mapping product designed to show you at a glance the diverse network of connections between foundations and the various boards they sit on.

Importantly, the combined relationship mapping between foundations and corporations uncovers thousands of foundation / corporate connections that until now have been hidden from prospect researchers. This new version graphically illuminates almost 80,000 total director connections that greatly extend the funding opportunity possibilities for non-profits.

"Relationship network maps created with Director Connections start with the organizations you already know, and let you explore possible connections with those organizations you WANT to know - now with just a few known foundation or corporate contacts, members can explore a new universe of connected funder possibilities," says Trevor Skillen, President and CEO of Metasoft.

For a full overview of Director Connections, click here.

Email us or call us toll free today (1-888-638-2763) for more information and a free, no obligation tour!

Director Connections : CONNECTION FINDER

Find the fastest way to go from point A to point B. Discover new sources of funding. Connection Finder makes it even easier. Play the video below to see more.

Director Connections is a revolutionary new relationship mapping feature designed to show you at a glance the diverse network of connections between corporations and the various boards they sit on.

The newest feature in Director Connections is called Connection Finder, which allows you to view relationship network maps, starting with the organizations you already know, and lets you explore possible connections with those organizations you WANT to know. Connection Finder allows you to:
  • Select an organization you already know, and show all the other organizations it's connected to, within 7 degrees of separation
  • Expand those connections to reveal additional levels of connected organizations and directors
  • Collapse connections to allow you to focus on just connected directors
  • View full organization profiles in only one click
  • Print, annotate, save… and more!
For a full overview of Director Connections, click here.

Email us or call us toll free today (1-888-638-2763) for more information and a complimentary tour!

Director Connections

Did you know that hundreds of America's largest corporations are connected by common directors?

Director Connections for Corporations shows you those important connections at a glance, allowing you to discover new sources of funding! Please play the video below to see more:

With Director Connections, you can:
  • Discover the network of connections between directors and companies to develop and diversify your prospect lists;
  • Network effectively and start important new corporate relationships by building on your existing relationships; and
  • Save time, resources, and free up your and your researchers’ time to do other valuable research and networking tasks, and improve research efficiency!
Director Connections has a score of intuitive, useful features, including the ability to:
  • Build connections maps from starting companies or directors
  • Expand connections to reveal additional levels of connected companies and directors
  • Collapse connections to allow you to focus on just connected directors
  • View company profiles in only one click
  • Zoom in and out with easy to use navigation buttons
  • "Mouse over" icons to access additional company and director information
  • Arrange and re-arrange the layout of directors and/or companies to suit your visual layout preferences
  • Print and save connection maps, and more!
Current members may access Director Connections from the Member Services menu.

Email us or call us toll free today (1-888-638-2763) for more information and a complimentary tour!

Other recent enhancements to BIG Online:  Metasoft announces the new, enhanced version of BIG Online.  Version 3.0 of BIG Online
features the following important enhancements for grant seekers:

New, Advanced Search: A powerful, yet easy to use new search engine that will allow subscribers to identify more funding opportunities for their organizations. Features include:

  • Advanced, field based searching (by organization name, location, recipient, director) produces more relevant search results

  • Convenient search options such as "fuzzy logic", stemming and wildcard support intelligently ensure that no funding possibilities are missed

  • User defined sorting of results

  • Convenient highlighting of searched words
New Foundations: Over 13,000 additional US foundations have been added, over three times the number available in the previous version - BIG Online now includes 20,000 of America's largest foundations.

New Grants: Granting information for over 22,000 of the largest American and Canadian foundations has been added - more than 1.1 million grants totaling over $40 billion from 1999 to 2003.

New advanced "Data Visualization" capability has been added to most foundation profiles. Pie-charts illuminate foundation giving by area of interest, number of grants, value of grants, average value of grant and maximum value of grant. These new tools remove the guesswork that is usually necessary in determining the size of grant to request.

Geographic Giving Analysis: Grants information has been organized geographically, allowing subscribers to easily see where grants are being given. This information is presented visually on a map of the US. Users can "drill down" on any state to view actual grants.

Grants Analysis Table: Enhanced individual foundation summary profiles including full grant analysis information in table format, including total number and value grant amounts; as well as minimum, maximum and average grant values by funding area (arts & culture, education, health, community, religion, human services, sports & recreation, international, environment).

Funder News: Access to almost 200,000 funder news releases and articles is now available to subscribers. 4,500 news sources are scanned daily for granting news related to the over 35,000 funders profiled in BIG Online, keeping subscribers abreast of the latest information.

Searchable IRS Form 990 information: All foundations now include a link to their latest IRS Form 990. Unlike other sources, BIG Online has OCR'd these filings to make them completely keyword searchable in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Trevor Skillen, President of Metasoft says, "This exciting new version is the culmination of many months of dedicated effort by our research and development team. Many of the enhancements and features are a direct result of the very helpful suggestions and feedback we receive from almost 6,000 subscribers. We believe that this important new version of BIG Online will allow grant seekers to better understand and capitalize on the most significant grant opportunities available to them".

Click here for more information on these latest enhancements to BIG Online...

Metasoft is committed to providing products and services that best meet the current fundraising needs of you, our clients. Your feedback has been and remains vital to our business.

Metasoft has now formalized part of this process by setting up a group of clients who will make product direction and future enhancements a special focus. Our group of volunteers represents a range of sectors and many parts of North America.

Click here to see the members of our Advisory Board. For information on our client advisory board, email


Science Center Receives Operating Support in the Blink of an Eye: Just a handful of weeks after signing up for BIG Online, the North Alabama Science Center, Sci-Quest, has received a check for $5000 from a new source it found in BIG Online.

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FoundationSearch: A fully searchable, online database containing the tax returns (Form 990PF) of every registered private Foundation in the United States. Keep on top of new funding opportunities with our New Foundation Watch service.

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World Proposal Championships


Introducing Metasoft Online Education, a complete series of online, self-paced tutorials designed to help you build the essential skills required to succeed in fundraising.

The Curriculum includes:

Module 1. Making the Case for Funding: How to Build a Compelling Case for Support

Module 2. Finding Funders: How to Conduct Effective Prospect Research

Module 3. Approaching Funders: How to Write a Persuasive Letter of Inquiry

Module 4: Securing Funding: How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal

View the Deadline Calendar for submitting proposals.

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In the last year BIG Online added or updated over 2000 foundation profiles, representing over $5 billion in assets and over $1 billion in grants.

E-mail us your tips, news, success stories, or challenges.

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